Hālau Hula O Kāʻeo, Inc. has been awarded a federal grant for a three-year Hawaiian language project that will seek to educate nine individuals in an accelerated language program and produce a community-based Hawaiian language curriculum that utilizes hula (dance), mele (song), and oli (chant) as a vehicle for language learning. The program is called "Pili I Ka ‘Ōlelo Kūpuna" which translates as  “connection to the native language.” The grant, which is overseen by the Administration for Native Americans, awards up to $300,000 per year for a three-year project-funded term. The project is managed by three full-time staff members and partners with four hula hālau (hula schools) in California.

The Administration for Native Americans (ANA) promotes self-sufficiency for Native Americans by providing discretionary grant funding for community-based projects, and training and technical assistance to eligible tribes and native organizations. ANA believes language revitalization and continuation are two of the first steps taken in preserving and strengthening a community’s culture. Use of native language builds identity and encourages communities to move toward social unity and self-sufficiency.

This grant project has been a culmination of six years of hard-work, determination, and many years of rejection. However, with perseverance and courage, Hālau Hula O Kā‘eo pressed on toward the goal and achieved it. “This is a huge opportunity for Native Hawaiians who have taken root in the Mainland and who are seeking a connection to their culture for themselves and for their children, "says Hālau Hula O Kāʻeo Executive Director, Kāʻeo Hāʻupu.   Click the link on this page to ask Kumu about our program!

Join our Hawaiian Language workshop on Sunday, October 27th from 9-10am as part of our Na Pua Hula Festival!  Get tickets HERE!

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